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"PEEL-A-WAY FUNDRAISER was the best way to not only help our school, but also help the customers that bought the cards. It's the card that keeps on giving."

Steven Pittman
PTA President
Thaxton Elementary School
Moneta, VA

"The PEEL-A-WAY concept was a welcome change. Our small club managed to sell 1,000 cards earning a profit of $5000!"

Mandagala Horner
Taylor Gymnastics
Perry, Florida

"PEEL-A-WAY was the best fund-raiser we have ever done. We raised $4000 in six weeks, and with PEEL-A-WAY's help, you can too!"

Kent Gregory
Heritage Baptist Church
Lynchburg, Virginia

"PEEL-A-WAY has been the easiest and most profitable fund-raiser that we have ever done. We will continue to do it yearly."

Debbie Shanley
Christian Home School Educators
Association of South Carolina

"The PEEL-A-WAY Card is like a gift that keeps on giving... They were easy to sell because of the return value."

Pam Peace
Westwood Christian School
Live Oak, Florida